Why Timber Outdoor Blinds Are A Natural Alternative

Published on October 29, 2014, by in News.

Did you know that timber outdoor blinds can serve several important purposes for the exterior of your home? These include (but are not limited to) heat protection, light control, blocking wind and blocking rain. Whilst there are a number of different blind materials to choose from (such as PVC), you should definitely opt for timber if you are looking for a natural alternative. We have taken a closer look at outdoor use in this article.


Where can these products be used?

There are a number of outdoor locations that could benefit from the addition of timber blinds, including: the exterior of windows, balconies, verandahs, decks, carports and roofs. Basically, any location around the outside of your home could benefit from the addition of blinds. They can make alfresco areas, for example, significantly more comfortable at all times of the year because they are able to block out more extreme weather (such as blazing heat and driving rain).

Many people also use these furnishings for external commercial purposes, such as the outdoor dining area at a restaurant or on the windows of a school. They can provide the same sorts of protections and benefits that come residentially.

Timber Blinds

How do they operate and what are the key features?

The great thing about timber outdoor blinds is that they are incredibly easy to roll up and down. They also come fully equipped with a solid timber head rail, locking pulleys, nylon operating cords, pre-drilled fixing holes and a valance (which covers all workings). The blinds can be stopped at any level, which allows you maximum control over light and heat penetration. Any stitching is tetron, which will withstand the elements and provide you many years of use.

These days, it is also possible to invest in outdoor blinds that are motorised. This means that they can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button, whilst some will even operate automatically when a sensor is hit by sun or rain.


What sort of maintenance is required?

The great thing about timber is that maintenance is fairly basic; all you need to do is give it a wipe down every now and then using a damp cloth. This will pick up dirt, dust and other particles that may have gathered on the slats. We recommend that you leave the blinds all the way down when wet until they have fully dried. We also recommend rolling them up during high winds and storms to prevent them from becoming damaged (or even from damaging your home).

Whilst these blinds are relatively low maintenance, it is important to note that they aren’t no maintenance. Failing to properly care for your timber can lead to it deteriorating far too quickly, as well as any stains or paints flaking away.

Now that you recognise timber outdoor blinds as a natural alternative to other manmade materials, we hope that you will consider them for your exterior locations. Not only are these blinds highly suited to a variety of applications, they look fantastic and are sure to serve your home for many years to come. Whilst we do recommend getting them custom made (to ensure a perfect fit), we also believe that you should explore all your options.

Energy Window Fashions offers wide range of blinds including aluminium, thermacell cellular blinds and plantation timber shutters in Melbourne, Australia.


How To Choose Perfect Custom Made Rugs For Your Space

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In the eyes of many homeowners, custom made rugs are an investment both visually and financially. Choosing the right type of rug for your home is as much about the way it looks as the way it feels underneath your feet – you don’t want to fork out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for something that looks nice but feels awful on your skin (or vice versa).

There are a number of things that you should consider when shopping or commissioning a custom made rug, including:

  • What sort of lifestyle do you lead?
    Are you constantly chasing dirty children and muddy pets throughout your house or are you always hosting dinner parties for your friends? It is unlikely that a white shag rug is going to work in the first example, but it will look right at home in the second.

  • Where will the rug be located and what purpose will it serve?
    Will it be the focal point of your formal living area or will it be a place for people to sit and play games in your rumpus room? It is unlikely that an expensive material will work in the second example, as it may become damaged, but it would be the perfect choice for the second.

  • What is the overall style of your home?
    It is important that you look to complement the style of your home – the rug doesn’t need to match everything in the room, but it should certainly work with the tones and textures of existing furnishings. This will prevent the floor covering from sticking out like a sore thumb.

  • How easily can the rug be cleaned?
    An expensive antique covering, for example, will require a professional clean at least once a year if placed in high-use rooms. Other materials are much more forgiving or can be cleaned within your home, which is a cheaper and easier option (no transportation needed).

  • What feels best under your feet?
    If you prefer a softer feel underfoot, you should opt for natural fibres (like wool and cotton). If you want a lush, deep pile on the other hand, you should opt for synthetic fibres. Organic fibres (like jute and sisal) are soft underfoot, but they don’t provide the same warmth that a woven rug will.

  • Are you planning on moving in the future?
    Moving home might mean that your commissioned rug does not work in the new space – it might be much too big (and folding it underneath itself is never a great style choice) or it might be much too small (and will look like a bathmat in comparison).

  • How much are you willing to spend?
    Spending a little bit more on a high-quality rug might be worth it in the long run, as it will last much longer and will exude an appearance of class and sophistication. Still, it is possible to find companies who can provide you with a floor covering within your budget.


By answering each of the above questions, you can rest assured that the custom made rug you have commissioned is the perfect complement for your home and space. Failing to answer even one of these questions could lead to the wrong choice, and you will forever be kicking yourself for not looking into the issue further (after all, these floor coverings don’t come cheap!).


Turkey Cuisine: Best Restaurants in Bursa

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Turkey has one of the best delicacies in the world. They are usually served in its many restaurants all over the country. Bursa in particular, has some of the best restaurants that provide one with the finest Turkish cuisine. It is located in the northwestern part of the country and can be easily reached by plane, car, train, or bus. The following are just some of the restaurants that are found in Bursa.

KaplikayaKocamanlar ET Balik Restaurant

If you want to experience great seafood, this is the restaurant to be. Seafood is served fresh and at very affordable prices. It also has an aquarium that hosts plenty of big fish and tanks where scuba divers swim in. This makes for great scenery and children can really enjoy. The restaurant does not offer alcohol though, and this spells bad news for those who want to catch a drink.


It mainly serves seafood, which is of the highest quality and is very fresh. The restaurant gets its name from a famous war hero and it is still run by his descendants. It is located close to UluCami and is situated in Jewish quarter. It is surrounded by many other similar restaurants in the same street.


This is a heaven for all fast food lovers. It hosts a bunch of great dishes that are bound to blow you away. This restaurant made history as it was the place where the famous IskenderKebap was made in 1867. In addition, it serves as the main branch of 12 related restaurants in Bursa.


This restaurant serves as an international brand. It is located near Cekirge and it serves as a restaurant- nightclub complex. This means you can enjoy anything from fast foods to Turkish delicacies and still get your grove on when the sun sets.

Café My Kitchen

This is a relatively new upcoming restaurant in Bursa. It comes with a touch of class and fashion with international standards making it a very good restaurant. If you were to dine there, you will remember their fantastic pastas and salads. In addition, it offers very good wine that will make your taste buds melt.


This restaurant offers great local dishes and fast foods. The best part about this is that they offer at very affordable prices, cheaper than most restaurants. For a long time it has laid claim that it is responsible for making the Iskenderkebap though it remains to be clarified.


When you are in Bursa and you are thinking dishes with a touch of Italian, this is the restaurant to be. Located in Cekirge at the roundabout, it serves a range of Italian delicacies and has a huge range of Italian wine.


This restaurant prides itself in being the oldest in the Bursa area. It has a range of international dishes and has a very nice setting. Most locals would say the restaurant is famous due to ice cream or dondurma in Turkish.

Bursa is really rich when it comes to restaurants and if you want to enjoy the finest delicacies, grab yourself a turkey tourist visa and live the experience.


Michael Breach Reveals his Latte Art Secrets

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Michael Breach specialises in Latte art and focuses his work on celebrity portraits and has created Latte art for some of the biggest international celebrities.

Some of the names he has drawn include Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

But Michael suggest that their are many critics that do not enjoy his work.

The artist said: ”Most people that make coffee don’t do this, they don’t like it,

“People in the art world either think it’s genius or think it’s silly. Some people get mad about it, they can be nasty. It’s really controversial.”

Michael is based in Brooklym and he says he discovered his skills when he was a barista. ”The coffee art started as a joke with my co-workers and people really started taking notice, so I just kept going with it.”

His next project will be the Royal Kate Middleton.




Restaurant lead’s Reports about Cafe’s to launch in UK

Published on July 3, 2013, by in Coffee. are going to lead reports in the UK for all restaurant and café’s that are set to open.

Our Coffee shop will be the one of many that will have reports and we are hoping to have a successful opening day and provide free samples of our fantastic coffee.

A date has not been set on our opening day but it will be revealed in the coming months and the finishing touches are being put together.

Although we specialise in selling coffee we also offer other snacks that you can have with your Coffee with a hug range of sandwiches to choose from, Crisps, chocolates and cakes all made from scratch in our shop at affordable prices.




Coffee Shop Allows Customers to buy Homeless People a Coffee

Published on April 15, 2013, by in News.

A coffee shop located in east London now uses an initiative that allows customers to buy a drink for the poor or homeless and is the first of its kind to do so.

The scheme that allows customers to buy an extra drink for a poor or needy person when they are buying their own.

Around 150 further coffee shops have signed up to the initiative which allows the customer to buy the drink anonymously.

Manager Hettie Clarke said: “Our customers really love it,

This is a really good way of giving back to the community, and it’s anonymous.”

She went on to add : “It’s a really good way to show a café is not just about profit and business,”


Fantastic Espresso Art Contemplation

Published on December 19, 2012, by in News.

There are some fantastic pieces of art that have been made by splitting the coffee with the cream at the top to make fantastic pieces of art that should get more recognition than it already does for the imagination and innovation below are some of my favourites.

This is a Fantastic piece of art where the artist has drawn out a anime of a girl, it shows great quality and attention to detail.








This is a a little cute bear which is really good and fun for kids.









This one is a bit different because it uses chocolate sprinkles to make the art but nevertheless it is a fantastic portrait of Obama








If you have any Espresso Art that you want to share why not send it in and if it’s good enough we’ll put it up on our site.




Coffee good or bad?

Published on June 29, 2012, by in News.

It is said that two cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of heart failure but more than 5 a day cab be bad for you. From a survey they found that you were 11% less likely to have heart failure.

Heart failure is when the heart cannot pump enough blood for the amount the body needs. The research also had some people that already had hearth failures so its hard to get the actual results.

Coffee use was only calculated once and did not take into explanation any changes in using up over the years. It is also unclear how the studies definite the outcome of heart failure. Because some of the studies incorporated people who had already had a heart attack, it is not apparent whether they were currently in some stage of heart failure when their coffee drinking was assessed. The studies were conflicting in how they adjusted for other factors that can be related to heart failure risk, such as high blood pressure and obesity.

In my opinion the research was not clear and has not enough evidence showing that coffee does really help to reduce heart failures


Japan serving gourment coffee around the clock

Published on June 15, 2012, by in News.

Japan has is trying to go for 14 hour coffee store, right now there are 45,000 stores in Japan selling gourmet coffee. Japan has two big companies that sell coffee and now partnered up and are looking to install a lot machines in thousands of their total stores.

Their trying to compete with the coffee giants like Starbucks and Excelsior café, and now have the advantage is that they are going for 24 hours which companies in England cannot. Although the country has around 45,769 convenient stores 7&I are looking to open another 1,350 new stores in this year alone.

Marketing Journal has reported that the industry anticipates that the number of Lawson outlets selling gourmet coffee by the cup will increase 2.5-fold.


Alzheimer delayed by coffee

Published on June 11, 2012, by in News.

USF researchers have found out that drinking coffee can reduce the process of Alzheimer. The research says that adults that drink around three to four cups a day are really less likely to get Alzheimer.

Coffee is seen as bad in many eyes but researchers said people only have to worry about caffeine for children and woman that are pregnant who should intake more than 300 mg.

The study has tracked 124 adults among the ages of 65 and 88 with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a disorder that usually progresses to Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s Association have stated, about 1 in 10 people who are 65 or older have Alzheimer’s, and nearly half of citizens over 85 are afflicted with the sickness.

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