Turkey Cuisine: Best Restaurants in Bursa

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Turkey has one of the best delicacies in the world. They are usually served in its many restaurants all over the country. Bursa in particular, has some of the best restaurants that provide one with the finest Turkish cuisine. It is located in the northwestern part of the country and can be easily reached by plane, car, train, or bus. The following are just some of the restaurants that are found in Bursa.

KaplikayaKocamanlar ET Balik Restaurant

If you want to experience great seafood, this is the restaurant to be. Seafood is served fresh and at very affordable prices. It also has an aquarium that hosts plenty of big fish and tanks where scuba divers swim in. This makes for great scenery and children can really enjoy. The restaurant does not offer alcohol though, and this spells bad news for those who want to catch a drink.


It mainly serves seafood, which is of the highest quality and is very fresh. The restaurant gets its name from a famous war hero and it is still run by his descendants. It is located close to UluCami and is situated in Jewish quarter. It is surrounded by many other similar restaurants in the same street.


This is a heaven for all fast food lovers. It hosts a bunch of great dishes that are bound to blow you away. This restaurant made history as it was the place where the famous IskenderKebap was made in 1867. In addition, it serves as the main branch of 12 related restaurants in Bursa.


This restaurant serves as an international brand. It is located near Cekirge and it serves as a restaurant- nightclub complex. This means you can enjoy anything from fast foods to Turkish delicacies and still get your grove on when the sun sets.

Café My Kitchen

This is a relatively new upcoming restaurant in Bursa. It comes with a touch of class and fashion with international standards making it a very good restaurant. If you were to dine there, you will remember their fantastic pastas and salads. In addition, it offers very good wine that will make your taste buds melt.


This restaurant offers great local dishes and fast foods. The best part about this is that they offer at very affordable prices, cheaper than most restaurants. For a long time it has laid claim that it is responsible for making the Iskenderkebap though it remains to be clarified.


When you are in Bursa and you are thinking dishes with a touch of Italian, this is the restaurant to be. Located in Cekirge at the roundabout, it serves a range of Italian delicacies and has a huge range of Italian wine.


This restaurant prides itself in being the oldest in the Bursa area. It has a range of international dishes and has a very nice setting. Most locals would say the restaurant is famous due to ice cream or dondurma in Turkish.

Bursa is really rich when it comes to restaurants and if you want to enjoy the finest delicacies, grab yourself a turkey tourist visa and live the experience.

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